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Vertical Leap – Predicting Lost Vertical Leap Due to Injuries

It is really hard to predict lost vertical leap. There are many factors the body can play with in order to cause damage to a specific part.


The parts affected most are the knees, ankles, lower legs, feet, lower back and abdominals. But those are only the affected…


The Preventable parts


Some of the preventable parts of an injury


These are the parts you can control and can quickly address so you can minimize the damage to those particular parts:


1. Knee ligaments -we can prevent here by giving them the elasticity they need to retain fluid and this will slow down the progression of ACL tears


2. Ankle T Pop – Impact of an incorrect landing can be minimal if an athlete is standing. Reaching for worn out tissues can also diminish their strength so their protects can be strengthened  สล็อตเว็บตรง


3. arch flattening – too much to ask here when the last thing we want is to train our ankles to have a flat arch


4. shin splints – resistance and immobility will cause the muscles to be continually stressed


Review of chronic injuries


Overusing an injury will cause a reaction known as chronic injury. Chances are that you have a post launch over-extended portion of your joint which is now unable to function properly. This part of your body will likely become overused, diminished, and damaged.


Chronic injuries are very different than acute injuries. chronic injuries will thrive on your continued repetition of the same pattern they produce. All types of muscles will be tight, and tiny tears will occur in failed tissues.


What cause inflammation? Vertical LeapVertical LeapVertical LeapVertical LeapVertical LeapVertical Leap


Chronic injuries occur due to too frequent use of a small portion of your muscles which are responsible for too much force. Repeated use coupled with disturbances in your biomechanics will cause your joints to be constantly stressed and then respond with inflammation.


The cause of prolonged use and all other things which make one’s insides beat out and lyfe?


These factors can be narrowed down to 3 major culprits which can be attributed to low performing enzymes:


1. Insufficient or no training – most Likely the reason you became injured or become fatigued and ill.


2. Wrong recruiting of under-developing muscles – this is where the top athletes were so un-athletic. They never under-developed muscles nor did they ever move in a way that proves they are able to carry out team movement in a way that will work for their sport.


3. False training methods – this is a different kind of over-training where a sport is chosen and the training methodology is neither an optimal one for the sport nor achieving the best possible performance for that sport. Usually this isdropped on later to protect the athlete’s best asset


This is why the pros who chose methods that would promote greater performance with less stress-training won 9 out of 10 times!


When choosing an efficient scientific training program like any program it is best to assess your protein intake, resting metabolism, adrenal steroid levels and irritable state – and convert this knowledge to your ideal training regime, heightening your performance to a thumbs up!


Then shut all other questions pertaining to ‘what causes my injuries?’ to the cause. You have the tools to stop making the blaming of blame and take full responsibility for your own injury AND help propel your healing.



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