F 365 – busting At Thebrakes

The Ferrari 365 is the flagship model of the Ferrari fleet and represents perhaps the most complete Ferrari ever. It is a 2-seater berlinetta with a mid mounted engine typically in the mid section. The Ferrari Motor Company has really hit a bull’s eye with this model as it mints anywhere in the world including in North America where the cars are manufactured and assembled. This mid-engine car is truly a technical masterpiece.


The Ferrari 365 is not only a 2-seater but has the maximum seating arrangement of two persons. The cabin is unrestrained and totally abandonment the typical cabin design of cars. The interior features of this model include fully reclining front bucket seats, race inspired aluminum controls for the transmission and cockpit, racing-inspired lever and mounted roll cages. Each of the bucket seats are designed to digitally maximize the capabilities of the human body. The aluminum cockpit and cockpit controls are specifically designed to support the driver s body.


The aluminumOUICA’sodynamic design and lightweight body panels flow with the overall lines of the Ferrari and lose weight wherever possible. The car features:




o LOW specifically designed spring – GT3. disposable oil filled and water resistant components.


o high performance and polished aluminum coverings for the gearshifts.


o active teleManagement System.


o e pumped andreedented disc brakes with prescess stiff Bridgestone Potenza RE050 thankful tires of 165/70 R14.


o light alloy wheels of wheel diameters: 19 x 12 up to 19 x 13.


So as you can see, even though the Ferrari is a 2-seater you cannot need to be an avid sports car lover to drive a 365 GTB or a F430. All you really need to know is to know how to drive a Ferrari. The new Ferrari California is a model that provides you with every assistance to making your driving experience the best. It is fully designed and has everything you could want from a Ferrari. It is virtually a Ferrari in all but name. If you have been too close to the car in front, bring it safely to the lane in front of you. It is almost as though you are riding on cloud nine, soaring above the countryside winded and delightful.


This California has the best exhaust system that I have heard from any car, and I think this is the best exhaust system that you will ever hear. As you sit behind the wheel, you can’t help but gush about the experience. The steering is light yet provides ample feedback, the acceleration is powerful, and the top speed far surpasses that of the other cars in its category. The transmission is a success too, being sequential for the first time. It is a Ferrari SD7 and it rivals the best of the exotic Myths that cost many times the price. The Formula One suspension is a winner too. It gives the driver the most control over the car, which is what you want to be when you are driving the ultimate car. The California features with the new xABS, ABS + EBD and ASR.


The Formula One technology that is incorporated into this car is highly adaptable and will Without question make it compete with the leaders in the Competition. The driver can use the communication system to discuss strategies with his race team. Whether it is the Strategies or the Driver Skill, the 24 Hours of Le Mans is full of excitement as the road bends around you. This is not only a car to win at Le Mans, but it is more than that, this is a car to dominate.