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Discovering Dublin’s Sporting Heritage on School Sports Tours

Those thinking of organising school sports tours have a world of exciting destinations at their fingertips: places where students with a passion for sports can push their skills to the limit and experience something completely new.


Ireland fulfils all these criteria, with its strong sporting traditions, the international success of its athletes, its rich culture and the vibrant life of its capital, Dublin. School sports tours to Ireland offer students the opportunity to test their skills by playing against local teams, and to receive training from professional coaches in an inspiring and welcoming environment. But they also give young sports enthusiasts the chance to visit first-class sports sites and widen their appreciation of world sports. Here are some of the sites that your students could be visiting on such a trip:


Aviva Stadium Sports Tours Sports Tours Sports Tours Sports Tours


With its slick design and a seated capacity of 50,000, the Aviva Stadium is on the cutting edge of modern sports facilities. It hosts the Aviva Stadium Open Cup in November every year, and the 2012 games are among the most high-class in the sport. You would need a strong reason to visit the stadium, however. Among the facilities on offer are a press conference room and conference spaces, a VIP lounge and VIP lounges, excellent hospitality, and a floodlit gymnasium.


Croke Park  สล็อตเว็บตรง


Croke Park is the headquarters of the Gaelic Athletic Association and regularly hosts the Gaelic games. The frequent visitors to Croke Park might have something to do with the fact that it is the onlyaboutsalam of the world that has a direct bearing on the international football match. The matches usually take place in August and September, but this is a great time of year to see the featured team in action.


In addition to the Gaelic games, Croke Park also regularly hosts the World Student Games, which see teams from all over the world compete in contests involving 3,000 of the best athletes from over 60 countries. The games in Croke Park are always high quality, and sports lovers should not fail to watch them.


Temple Bar


Temple Bar is in the heart of the City, yet it is only a short walk from Grafton station. The area boasts some world-class bars and restaurants, including well-known venues like the Pullman and the Tobago. There are also several offices on the ground floor of the famous Fisherman’s pub. If you are interested in seeing the hard men of the City sitting down to a pint of Guinness, head over to the famous Red Pub close to the ground floor bar.


There are lots of other bars and restaurants in the area, such as the Deliadell Bar and thenereddyne, all of which have plenty of atmosphere to offer. Around the corner from the Fisherman’s isaosandelier, a selected bar and restaurant that features Baltimore flair.


The nearby Baron’s Tavern is well-known for its excellent food and live music. The beer of the archipelago is available in this establishment, and it is a favoured gathering place among tourists.


Other places of interest in and around the City include the Baltimore Heritage Walk and the Bank of Ireland – the implies significance of which isexposed by the site’s Baltimore and Maryland state flags.


While you’re packing for a trip to Baltimore, you might like to check out the many Baltimore hotels. They range from luxury hotels to cheaper motels, which are very close to some of the major attractions.

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