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Deadliest Catch: Sea of Chaos Review
Unlike the other Deadliest Catch series, EA’s Sea of Chaos takes the perspective of a Japanese whaling captain trying to sell his catch to a fascistic cult. I say “Japanese” because the game is set in a fictional island nation, infested with weird creatures. Naming the most happened animals is important for the game, so creep up on any of the safehouses in the loading screens and you’ll know what to expect. UFABET เว็บตรง

If you’ve played Deadliest Catch before, you’ll find the “game” here is very familiar. Players now control two ships, seven crew members, and one tug boat captain trying to sell the catch to aFrontierVille fanatic. Though it sounds familiar, I assure you that there are plenty of gameplay additions to keep you interested. A few new modes, including one where you call in your boat to directly receive supplies for your crew, are definitely here.

Another new gameplay addition is the ” Guess How They Did That?” achievement/trophy system. Gamers unlock a trophy for uncovering every single reference in the game, and are now required to really think through the way they uncover. There are numerous medals and achievements to unlock, such as:

Saving the World from drowning

Killing a certain Number of creatures

Loading screens are still a problem, though. Each loading screen takes roughly 3-4 seconds to appear, and another 3-4 seconds to load. While these aren’t Glitches, they are extremely irritating.

I had much the same problem with one of my levels. I was having trouble with the “Save the World” trophy, since I had to kill so many crows to prevent the island from drowning. I needed to walk across the island and save one island, which took roughly 2 minutes.

I had this same problem with a friend’s level. He couldn’t figure out how to save the world fast enough, and while he was moving on the screen I was hitting him with the rifle. I ASAP decided to enter the game in order to Sack Jack’s (My friend’s character) death.


matchmaking works with a friend link, which is a nice addition. There is local and online only matchmaking so you won’t be lonely while playing online.

There are two ways to increase your rank online. Coins and Cash. You can earn coins through gameplay (see below for more info on this) and bought with game currency from the PlayStation Store. You can use the latter to buy stuff, including ranked gear and items from the store. Both are important enough to buy according to my class and play style.

Guide to Leveling

There are loads of guides online, covering everything from beginners to advanced. I will say that a guide to leveling isn’t a bad idea at all, you just need to get it right. Reaching the highest level (80) currently possible takes about 250 hours game time. Plenty of time to chomp grass if you ask me, and I’m only level 17.

A 10 page guide to leveling your character in rpg. I never got to actually level 80, though. If you want a short and sweet guide, you can find all of Ken finally revealed the true secrets of his game.

Ken shouldn’t have a page.

I have to say it, Ken’s guide to leveling was well worth the money. Not only does it tell you exactly where to spend your talent points, it also tells you exactly how many of them you will need per level. Ken’s guide is possibly the easiest guide I have come across for leveling. A lot of guides simply tell you where to spend your talent points, but never tell you how many of those points per level you will need. This is essential.

Sea of Chaos