Really Need A Car?

Really Need A Car?

Really Need A Car?

Really Need A Car?

Do You Really Need A Car?

Today I was driving back to college after a stressful day when suddenly I noticed my phone start to make a really loud clickety-click noise whenever I got near my turn off. I got very curious and wondered what was causing this noises. After observing the noise from the road I realized it was the battery in my phone. When I got near my turn off my phone started to make a loud clicking sound again. I decided to give my battery a few more bounces to see what would happen. The noise only got worse with each bounce until it became unbearable. I finally called my battery Doctor to see what wrong with my battery was causing this noise. I was surprised at his diagnosis.

  Really Need A Car? Really Need A Car? Really Need A Car? Really Need A Car?

He told me that the battery in my phone is nothing but a mattress and wire. He said, “The noise you are hearing is probably the battery attempting to turn into a fire.” I did not know what to do so I continued toenger to my turn off. As the morning sun was beating down on my face I looked over at my car and suddenly there was a bright red light shining down onto my car. I jerked the wheel of my car to the right and just barely caught the light. The next few minutes were a living memory of my phone burning every single time I got near my turn of the road. สล็อตเว็บตรง


I finally got home and was just about to try to get to sleep when my phone started to ring. I answered it and the only thing that sounded was the distant sound of my engine. I answered it with a, “Hi Robert” and before I could get the words out a flash of light illuminate my car. For the rest of the night my engine tried to burn a hole in my pocket while my phone started beeping non-stop.  Really Need A Car? Really Need A Car? Really Need A Car? Really Need A Car? Really Need A Car? Really Need A Car?


As the words began to come, I realized that it was Robert asking me if I was there. When I replied “Yes, yes I’m here,” he told me not to worry about the battery. He then explained to me that it was a very common problem with the majority of Americans and it usually takes drivers about six months to get over it. The first four months are the easy part because they are the first chance to change the battery. Unfortunately, it is very rare that the car will last that long.


Needless to say, six months later I was very angry. I had been ripped off yet again. Only this time, instead of going to a Toyota dealer, I went to a Honda dealer.


When I walked into the Honda dealer, I was brought to a back office. Inside this office was a young man that I recognized immediately. My eyes filled with tears as I embraced him. My clothes instantly began to revive after I saw him. We started speaking in a veryitches satisfying sort of way. Our eyes fell into each other’s eyes and our voices filled with so much love. We were so comfortable with one another; I might have fallen in love with him that day.


We went over the car I had purchased. He told me about the warranty and how I could pay for it over the phone. I was skeptical but told him to call me back. I was beginning to think he was sincere. After setting up the financing, he said the bank was expecting me to come up with the full payment at a dealership. They were going to let me know immediately if I qualified. I became skeptical but he reassured me again. I finally took the car for a test drive. He started up the engine and the car started right up. I was sold.


I was ecstatic. Finally! A car was going to be mine. My boyfriend was going to be extremely angry at this point but I had won the battle. We made plans for car weekend with my friend and family.


The weekend finally arrived. My boyfriend and I had met up to go to the car dealership. I was excited because it was finally going to happen. After driving around a couple of streets, we arrived at the dealership. My boyfriend bought a car called the evo v6. I was a bit apprehensive about the car. The car was a dark green and it was tinted almost completely dark green. I was unsure about the car as a whole but my boyfriend told me to check out the car over the weekend before I made a permanent purchase.


So twenty hours later I was driving down the highway. I looked over at the car with my boyfriend and started to accelerate. My boyfriend stopped me before I could even get out of the car. “Do you know what the car does?” I asked. “It’s a little jalopy,” he said pointing at the car. “It’s fine for you, you can take it for a spin, like you would normally drive.” I was shocked. “Why didn’t you tell me this before?” I asked. “I was sure it was a good car.”

Really Need A Car?