Here Are Some Excellent Activities to Try in Puglia
Here are some of the very best activities to try when staying in a Puglia hotel. Note that most activities are seasonal, so check the schedule for the month in which you will be staying to see what is available. สล็อตเว็บตรง

Porta Portese Railway

Most people come to this region to see the beautiful ruins of Florence, but the Porta Portese Railway offers a much more interesting way to explore the city. The railway is a series of cardboard boxes with a small engine running on a railway of wooden tracks through the centre of Florence. It takes about 40 minutes to complete the journey. It is a great way to get out of the city for a leisurely couple of hours.

Wine Country

Some people may be put off by the very idea of hiring a car to drive through Italy: the country is mountainous, and easily accessible to large areas of the country. Many people also feel it is too far to drive in Italy, but the Porta di Cimbrone in Emilia Romagna is a breathtaking drive. Do not forget the lunch stop!

Wine tasting

It is possible to drink the wine from a bottle straight from the vineyard, but others may prefer to drink it in a museum or from a cafe. The wine country is dotted with dozens of cafes and wine bars where you can sit with the wine, eat and enjoy the site others around you are enjoying.Every hotel in Puglia has its own wine cellar, usually large enough to offer glasses of various sizes. The wine country is dotted with a number of vineyards so you will be able to seek out the best vineyard for your favourite vintage.

Galleria dell’Accademia

The Galleria dell’Accademia is a wonderful attraction in Cinque Terre, a small town in the province of Sienna. Here you can visit the tomb of Cecilia Valdè�, the town’s patron saint. She was said to be responsible for Rome’s survival through many difficult centuries.

St Patrick’s Cathedral

If you’re staying in a Puglia hotel in Rome, you should definitely visit this cathedral in the ancient town. The cathedral is nearly 900 years old, and is one of the most spectacular buildings in the area. Fun fact – inside, there are shrines made from ancient GAIA, which stand on top of the ancient walls.

Vaticano wetlands

ducks, geese and swans are often spotted in this region, often for the simple fact they like the water.ola mare

ore di Piscinas

Water is almost an art element in this region. Locals are quick to point out the best spots for swimming, and for hiking, canoeing and cycling. Find a quiet spot to get some fresh air, and don’t be afraid to practice your photography.

designed by Graham BeckThis is one of my top summer results I’ve found on the net recently, and I’ve been using it for almost two years now. You can actually make it rain (by Turning on your camera’s flash) and it usually does the trick!

G firura Nature Reserve

This little reserve is not actually very big, but it’s offered a fantastic view out over the surrounding countryside. It was quiet at daytime and quite busy at night, offering the perfect chance to capture some memorable moments.

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The nearby Abbey of San Rabano also offers holidaymakers activities for those staying in a Puglia hotel. Tucked nearby is the charming chapel of Nettuno, where a poet once restlessly wandered to seek inspiration.

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