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Teach Yourself How to Play Guitar – How to Avoid the legend of ” Pattie” (Playing Your Guitar the Way Your Mother Taught You To Do!)

By popular demand (Unbelievable!) I write another article sharing my experiences with total guitar neophytes who want to know how to teach yourself how to play guitar.

A disclaimer – This article is not meant to insult self elected guitar teachers who are in actual fact great, kind, and generous people. I swear that all those guitar instructors rip-off as many students as they help. If you have been a student in one of those schools, chances are, you will be just as outrageous as this article will be devoid of logic and reason. (That’s kind of hard to imagine, isn’t it?)

No, I’m against teachers who:สล็อตเว็บตรง

1) Describe in print (on fine paper!) what they offer as an average lesson price. You can’t get much higher or lower than this.Play Guitar

2) Tell you that lesson rates are in $10 Euro/hour and $50 Euro/hour. Fine, Except you’re telling me that you’ll be playing for 10 years and making $10,000 and counting in profits. And aren’t you paid? Fines?amation? Leave them to the Orchestral Parents and Piano Mennicators.Play Guitar

3) Yesterday, your son or daughter told me that they really wanted to learn to play guitar. Now, which of the following is more applicable:Play Guitar

A) Tell me what you want to achieve. Then I’ll give you some high level objective oriented guidelines to follow.Play Guitar

B) Describe in writing what you will do to achieve the goals you have.

C) Use my criteria for judging the achievement of the goal, i.e. will it make me money, will it please my friends and neighbors, etc.

D) Provide a direct path to the student from beginning to end of the course… can you read the Bible easily through your guitar?

This groundwork will save you enormous amounts of time and energy. Through this method, you are already IN the music. Meaning, you already are proficient enough to teach yourself all the music necessary. This isn’t mystic or spiritual. This is common sense.

When you teach yourself how to play guitar, you will save countless hundreds of dollars in the long run. This because under a hour lesson alone, you will already know ALL the music apart from technique. Technique is icing on the cake.

Yes, you heard me right. Under a 30 minute lesson, you will already know ALL the music!! Also, you will be able to pick up the essentials of guitar playing VERY quickly. And you’ll want to attend an evening’s worth of piano study after your guitar practice sessions.

That’s my experience and motives for wanting to teach myself how to play guitar.

So, before you start burning your bridges, remember this. Under a 30 minute lesson, you already know ALL the music. And, you’ll know more than enough to teach yourself vast amounts of advanced music.

You might be thinking. But I don’t have a music studio!

Very true. But you don’t want just ” know enough” to play the radio. You want to be able to play the radio in your bedroom?!

Simple. You can get that down. You don’t need an expensive, fancy recording studio. All you need is a little creativity and you can create a whole world of musical freedom by learning only a few chords and making up your own music.

T Cla. So what are “T Cla” harmonic structures?

Essentially, a T Cla structure consists of numbering the notes written from the 6th degree of the major scale. In C scale,

C to D is a T. D to E is a T. E to F is a T. F to G is a T. G to A is a T. A to B is a T. and so on.

C to D is a triad. D to E is a 4th and E to F is a 2nd. F to G is a 3rd. G to A is a 2nd. A to B is a 1st.

A minor 2nd is called a “Mixolydian Mode.” For example: D minor 2nd is a Mixolydian mode. It’s D E F G A B C D. You can also think of it as the “D” minor 2nd butrugged up a half step.

You can even change between the major scale and the minor scale using a simple switch that the minor scale uses. This gives you a chance to resolve chords in a jazz or blues fashion based on the new key you’re in.

The only thing you need to gain an understanding of keys is the understanding of chord progressions.

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