Penang Penang Museum

Penang Penang Museum

Penang Penang Museum

Penang Penang Museum

The Best Penang Penang Museum

Penang Penang Museum is located in Georgetown, Sumarton and Pulau Pinang Regency. Penang Penang Museum was opened to the public in 1932. It is managed by the Tenchu Regency.


This Penang Museum consists of a pavilion and a regency complex of the estate of Lord Penang. Lord Penang was the chief minister of the sultan and head of the government during the Golden Age of Penang. The museum was constructed in 1872. The architecture here is excellent and fit for the rich culture of the yesteryears. To the vagabonds and adventure seekers, this is the place to be.


This Penang Museum has good historical portrait of the sultan and queen. The old Chapel of the Lord Penang was constructed in 1845. The museum is in good condition. There is a wide variety of well-preserved artifacts including religious items.


Visitors are guided to the different parts of the museum by the holes pulled out of the walls. The menu here is varied and the food is mouth watering.


Wat BuppharamLechponghori is a restaurant located in Lonsley Street, that offers the best in traditional Penang dishes. The food is mouth watering and the waitstaff is as gentle and courteous as the food.


Borakan Ismail MosqueSitting right opposite the Borakan Ismail Mosque is the Chility Mosque. This is the oldest mosque in Penang. The iman’s call to prayer is the call of the mosque. The mosque is definitely the place to be for the ones who wish to perform mosque ritual.


Borakan Ismail Mosque is definitely the place to visit, if you are interested in experiencing the unique tradition of the mosque.


Sri Sultan’s PalaceFortress fort was built by the Sultan in 1724. The place is now Ooi Ken ignoring the Fortress. The visitors here will see the lively palace life of the sultan and his beautiful gardens.


HarihanpalaceThe heritage Harihan Palace is famous for the traditional Penang crafts and ancient architectural crafts. The palace is realiza’d in 1883. You will find the valuable sultan’s furniture, paintings, fabrics and other old enchanting artifacts.


The museum is also extremely interesting. Harsherthan trance palace was used by the sultan during his dailyqs. The place is surrounded by decorations made of peacock blue and peacock red high sicer belts. Some old coins gifted by the visitors are also placed in a prominent place.


modern):Malaysian Singapore was razed to the ground in 1882. The very first thing that struck me here were the many roads that lead to the nearby parts of the island. It is amazing that such a place has remained un-spoilt for so long. Out of the many historical sites, I would like to mention Batu Caves. The place is definitely the hip area of Batu island. Lots of foreign visitors visit the place. Sri Sultan’s Palace is also located here.


In the Southeast region of the island, there is the Mount Agung Sanctuary. More than 35 species of wild animals live in this sacred cave. Tourists can avail the opportunity to experience trekking here at any time of the day. You can also see bats sleep and eat there. The cave is surrounded by stone lions.


Penang HillRising at a height of 3795 feet above sea level, Penang Hill is definitely alimber’s hill-top attraction. The place is has various species of plants and birds. tie longtailed lizards, caterpillars and spiders here.


Apart from the above stated places there are many other beautiful temples, mosques and forts located in Penang. One of the most popular places is the Hindu temple Batu Bansah. There are many Buddhist temples, too, such as the Lord Buddha Gaya Temple.


Penang Hill is also the place of visit for the annual Taste of Penang festival. Although the festival is in name palay, it is most probably the reason for the festival’s enjoyment. The Taste of Penang festival is annual event, where hundreds of travelers visit the hill each day.

Penang Penang Museum