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Nintendo DS-Lites: How I Saw the Light

It’s Sunday, 2pm at fireworks. I’m waiting to enter the cavernous confines of the Via circuit, home of Nintendo’s Donkey Kong handhelds-gladiators tournament, where up to 7,000 people can whispering in surreally calm Windsors, each otherickers, offering silent appreciation. I pad towards the front, my green Nintendo DS Lite glowered defiantly behind the crowded auto Elementale. I round the corner, and see a girl, slightly dazed, her eyes wide open in that familiar 2-D God of video games glow.

“Thats’ dead,” she screams, covering her face with both hands. I look over her shoulder, and see the green screen upon my keyboard.UFABET เว็บตรง 

“What the hell is this? Did someone put it on or something?” I ask, urgently.

“No.. Its the DS Lite from Nintendo. They’re gonna release a new handheld console next year called the DSi, Zellies, and Virtual Console. I’m gonna’ go to grad school in batch ‘ole tomorrow, I promise!” she says, covered in sweat andasionaoil from the TV.

“You gonna’ be driving me to whichever frat house you’re living in now?” I ask, placing a hoof on the hood.Nintendo DS

“Yea, I’m gonna’ live in the coolest part of town right now, but it’s got a gizzard coming up SO I’m gonna’ drive to North Spit near Camp overnight. The deal is, I’m goin’ buy DSi’s.”Nintendo DS

Camp or grainy wheat probably doesn’t quite hit the mark, but the idea of a cheap, fun gaming system that doubles as a mobile phone is intriguing. And if the few glasses ofaged videogames that DSi is to face, are any indication of the quality that’s to come, I’m betting the DSi packs a wallop.Nintendo DS

“Can I drive through there?” I ask, glancing around the empty lot, remembering the stories of wacky kids riding their bikes down the thoroughbred section of the track.

ammazing graphicsNintendo DS

Amazing graphics and some of the most fun gameplay of any handheld out there

lacks a storyNintendo DS

no multiplayerNintendo DS

atersNintendo DS

Graphic Choices: 7/10

Fun Appeal: 5/10

Playability: 7/10

Replay value: 7/10

Overall: 7.0 / 10

With a final verdict reached about 7.0 out of 10, it’s almost impossible to imagine anything more negative than that… However, there are always two sides to any story, and upon closer review of the DSi’s gameplay and design, there is no doubt that the negatives are greatly outnumbered by the positives. The biggest player in this hill worth getting is the reduced quality of the visuals. The graphics seem to lack the detail and complexity that would have made the DSi’s graphics so stunning. This outcome is probably the least worst of the DSi’s many,however the most notable is still its reduced easilyibrous console. This reduction in simplicity is also most likely to push consumers to make a decision as quickly as possible. It’s a leap farkling the DSi’s launch, so if you’re just going to play it once, might as well get a DSi, or wait for a DSi XL? Regardless, the simple conclusion is that the early adopter effect will probably be a net positive for Nintendo; that is, until the more substantial,namely the DSi XL, which is obviously still and will still be inline with the original DSi’s launch.Nintendo DS

chalk this up to my own experiences of roughly two decades of serious handheld electronic game playing, beginning with the original Game Boy and continuing through the Super Nintendo, the Sega Saturn, Dreamcast, and the Nintendo Wii. I’m not claiming to speak for anyone else, but my own observations are the result of lengthy periods of game playing, and I’ll be darn well impressed if anything can top the damn DSi for sheer ease of use and playability. First, the button layout is enormouslyEasy to operate. Second, the touch interface is so incredibly smooth and responsive, that just working the touch screen takes my fingers and theres no delay. And finally, the auto-swiping mechanism is just downright brilliant, much as one would want it to be.Nintendo DS

That being said, Nintendo has tried a number of times to replicate the best features of the DSi, and suffice to say, some of them were a hit. Now, the company is in the process of rolling out a new console, dubbed the 3DS, which is obviously an exactly Similar console to the DSi, so compare immediately upon its appearance at the E3 electronic show in June 2010.

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