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2 Good choices for New Age Piano Playing
No doubt, you’re an aspiring New Age pianist who wants to learn to play the piano effortlessly, creatively, and performerily. But you’re likely already aware of the typical obstacles that stand in the way of creating those beautiful pieces of music. Many classical pianists and advanced pianists know what it is because they too have been in the same frustrating situation. But, if you’re like most of us, you’ve probably had the thought to try to play piano without the benefit of a teacher. But, you know that private lessons are costly and generally require payment for each and every class. What if you could learn to play piano online? Would that be a good choice?  New Age Piano


That’s a great question. The answer is a resounding YES! Around the world thousands of piano students began to learn to play piano online and about 10 years ago, the trend was documented and it has continued to grow practically every day. There are a lot of questions that you may have if you’re interested in this kind of a lifestyle.

Is it as easy as turning on your computer and downloading music? No, that’s still a skill with a lot of learning and a fair amount of dedication. You can still download tutorial books and audio/video files but lacking a formal training, you might have to search harder for answers. New Age Piano

Then how about lessons from a real life teacher? With the current technology that’s available, finding a tutor is easy but costs money. How much money? Hardly a trivial amount. It’s expensive to hire a private piano teacher and since there’s so many job announcements, you might not even have a chance to apply. Also, you can’t afford the cost of lessons so you might end up quitting and looking for a more worthy profession.

With that being said, you can take piano lessons online. This isn’t a new thing and it’s not a trend that will die out anytime soon. More and more adults are taking advantage of the available possibilities and learning to play the piano online. New Age Piano

You might be a student who is working on a course or a demo. You might have even purchased a digital keyboard or piano. But before you begin your lessons, you will need to purchase a piano. Piano is probably your best option for the initial purchase. You can get the typical upright piano or you can even get a digital keyboard.

But what about lessons? You might be asked to attend group lessons or you might even find a private instructor. Group lessons are lessons for several people at about private group rates. Private rates are typically around $10 per hour. You will obviously need to have some kind of budget for private lessons so it’s important to weigh that with the additional lessons you will need to do. New Age Piano

One option is to learn to play the piano online. The following sites are recommended because they include a variety of instructors and are structured to help you build a solid foundation:  New Age Piano



– ChopinPianoforte

– Frédéric Chopin

– Edith Piaf

– Howard Shoreline

– John Herberman

– Karina Lobert

– Los Angeles PianoMosGuitar

– MedievalPickmusic

– Michael de rigue

– MedievalPiano

– probably at least 10 other sites New Age Piano

You will find that there is a virtually endless supply of sites and instructors when you look up music tutorials online. Look around until you find the style of music that interests you the most. Then, start looking around in YouTube videos and watch those piano players. Never mind that you don’t know how to play the piano. Watch those professionals and watch in amazement how they control the piano. You’ll probably see tears going with those grand, creative efforts. That’s how I learned about the piano. Watching and imitating the professionals techniques resound within my soul.

Controlling the piano is not hard to achieve when you know what you’re doing. Impress your family and friends with your new skills and convince them to try and learn just as you have. You have a brand new talent and you’re becoming a true master musician!

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