Neck Pain

Neck Pain

Neck Pain

Neck Pain

cervical Spondylosis Neck Pain

Neck pain is a common illness from which almost all of us suffer at least once in a lifetime. Muscle pains always seem to be existing around the world at some point in time. There are different types of pain syndromes with different causes. The most common ones are arthritis, neck pain, back pain etc. Spondylosis is a kind of hip joint arthritis that may be of unbearable pain and can be fatal. Know more about this illness by reading the entire article. Neck Pain

Neck Pain 





Muscle pains are a common symptom for arthritis. They can be caused due to construction activities, continuous lifting, turning, or wearing the wrong equipment. Arthritis effects the joints and results in broaden split second when there is ache or stiffness over a joint. Arthritis may affect the hip joint, knees, hands, and feet and is normally not silent. One can experience swelling having arthritis as well. One may also experience stiffness when going to sleep and may also face difficulty in sitting up straight due to pain.


knee pain


pain in the knee joints can occur due to trauma, inflammation of the joints, wear of the knee cap and arthritis. Arthritis may tilt the knee dangerously, resulting in immense pain. The main cause of knee pain is inflammation in the joint and surrounding tissues from the trauma. Once the inflammation disappears, the pain in the knee may decrease.


ringworm in the nose


The most common cause of ringworm in the nose is due to fungi entering the nose through the brush or any other object. Nose ringworm may turn into severe case of athlete’s foot if it spreads due to continuous scratching.




This is a common fungal infection of the nails. It contains a substance from the fungus called as Penicillium which may have an adverse effect on the human body. Mainly affects the individuals with diabetes and diseases of the immune system. It may lead to bacterialoid arthritis if the disease is not taken care of immediately.




This medication is used to treat acute rheumaticosis which may lead to loss of blood circulation. ItALLADDIES to diabetes. The drugs commonly prescribed are cortisone. Ensure the proper dosage of this medication.




The steroid family of drugs is under study as of now. These medications such as prednisone are suggested after evaluation of the symptoms of the disease.


Crohn’s disease


Crohn’s disease is a chronic illness that causes inflammation of the digestive tract. It can affect any area of the digestive organ. Common symptom of the disease is diarrhea and vomiting. Earlier, there was no known cure for Crohn’s disease and the medications were mainly used to relieve the symptoms. But, nowadays there are several medications that are specifically developed to decrease the inflammation of the digestive tract.


Medications are the only cure for Crohn’s disease. No surgery can solve the problem of Crohn’s disease. Some medications that are under study can lessen the inflammation of the diseased area, thus preventing the infection from worsening. There is no specific cure for Crohn’s disease and medications are there to help mainly control the disease.

Neck Pain