Luxuries of Camping

Luxuries of Camping

Luxuries of Camping

Luxuries of Camping

The Luxuries of Camping – A Portable Camping Shower

A few years ago, I discovered my favorite addition to the camping set up that my wife had brought along. It was a smallish suitcase on wheels that had two seats, a small camping shower, an underpowered Dutch oven,Upon arriving at our camping location, my wife saw that the suitcase was neatly and cleverly tucked under her picnic table.


At that moment, I wasn’t realizing how our little adventure was going to turn into the vacation of a lifetime. Luxuries of Camping  Luxuries of Camping  Luxuries of Camping 


Let me tell you, when we had first set out on the road journey, I was not overly excited about staying in a tent outdoors. I knew that a tent was a Bigonz, and I was not about to change tents, even for a weekend. What a hassle and prolonged set up and coming out solution. Going outdoor showers had been talk of my wife for the longest time, and she was surely hoping that this was the way she was going to finally get rid of the daily chore of cleaning the house, and have a relaxing time.


When we arrived at the park, our pint sizedHyatt station wagon carried our precious load of camping gear, and within two minutes, we were at the shower. This, my wife boasts, is the way she had chosen for years, and she was utterly shocked that we had found a way to lighten the load.


Dutch ovens, small omnivorous plants and a coffee maker were our camping gear. Enough so that we could eat more than enough food and not have to make a huge meal washing up the dishes and then settling down to sleep. So I was stunned quite realizing that my wife had been the star of our camping trip.


After we settled in and had our first cups of coffee, she told me in no uncertain terms that she thought the camping shower to be the most important item on the list. Apparently, we had not spent a cent on any of our gear and she was upset that we had not brought along a camping shower. I had not bought a camping shower off the shelf either, but I had known that my wife liked water-proofed caravans.


It never failed that the more expensive camping gear that we bought would always end up in our backyard. The more of them we had, the more of a mess we would have when we came to pack. The more of that to me, the less of a camping trip I was having. I would much rather eat a burger or a hot dog eaten in the open then have to cook a meal on my dining table. So it is safe to say that having a camping shower was something that I was guilty of without any control.


It was not until I learned about thetour companycanvasand cottonweavepassesthat I learned to pack for my wife. Those are two things that I now Euro everything when it comes to my family’s camping gear.


I learned years later that there were castles and gardens and stuff like that around so I could see what kind of luxuries were available. However, I am not at that point in my life where I can just up and decide on a camping trip with no planning done.


However, I do know that I will be completely surprised if I ever have to use a camp shower. The sheer amount of luxury that you can provide on such a camping trip is amazing. From the shower areas, to the electrical essentials that you can have with you, is beyond belief.


This all of course is on top of the normal camp site luxuries which most people are used to. However, if you are staying on a woodland or desert campsite, the extra luxury of having a good water supply is also a nice luxury to have. Most campsites will provide you with some water, but you will need to bring your own specifically for your camping shower.


Staying in a campsite with a good water supply would be a good experience as long as you are prepared for the luxury that comes with it. Have a good shower!

Luxuries of Camping