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Why Immune Support is So Important – It’s All Part of Microbiology!

Immune system breakdown is a common problem. Deficiencies in immune system function is a common cause for fatigue, chronic lateness and reduced ability to cope with daily stresses. The adrenal glands also suffer dysfunction resulting in fatigue as well. Psychological and physical stressors are capable of doing similar effects. Adrenal fatigue is a result of both of these problems.


Why this is happening is still something of a mystery. However, research continues to come closer to answers.


It appears that both of these systems are involved in some way in the normal production of white blood cells. Adrenal fatigue in addition reduced the ratio of these cells as well as their release. This in turn reduced the body’s ability to manufacture mucous or stool, which are two of the body’s primary ways of warding off infection.




Poor adrenal function is also responsible for slowing down the body’s metabolism. This in turn causes the liver and kidneys to work harder and at a faster rate to perform their normal functions. This can lead to both weight gain and bone loss over time.


The reduced level of adrenal hormones also affects the brain function. Your brain chemicals are directly impacted by these hormones. This means that your moods are heightened because you need less sleep. You also have difficulty thinking clearly, and your focus is diminished.


One of the things that standing on the tip of a single foot for a period of time can do is walk across a river bridge. Your brain recognizes this but your body doesn’t register it. The same thing happens when you are fully relaxed, but your body never really relaxes. Instead, it’s just hard to get into a deep sleep. Your body is in a state of chemical and neurological equilibrium that it never really likes to be in.


Healing from adrenal fatigue and reducing fatigue is not a given. You’re going to have to rest and need to return to basic activities. Your body is smart enough to realize when it’s time to slow down and when it’s time to get up, to use some of those reserves from your fat stores, and to restore some of the function that the delicate balance of your hormones requires.


Skin care is one of the very largest opportunities for improvement of health and balance of the immune system. Reducing the amount of cortisol in your system and promoting good circulation is key. Also, your diet is of utmost importance. Itolves two problems at once by not weakening your addiction to sugar. Extra strength white sugar is a empty calorie and will not do anything but make your blood glucose go up and down hill.


Exercise is also very important. It doesn’t do anything for cortisol but it does a lot for your immune system. And you will want to choose some sort of physical activity that you enjoy or you won’t stick with it. Also, be sure to take a gluten-free supplement which will enhance the absorption of nutrients. It also helps to regulate intestinal flora. The right balance of bacteria and yeast in your gut will keep you from getting sick. Your immune system is really that powerful. It can take care of many problems without ever leaving your body.