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If for some reason you love your deer hunting ACLAC’s Public Hunting Land Transfer Request form, apply today for access to some of the highest quality public land in the state of Texas. ACLAC values the relationship between the public and private lands we hunt. HOWEVER, ACLAC strives to provide for the maximum amount of accessibility for all hunting and fishing users while keeping the highest quality to do it on. ACLAC Hunts and Fishing will not have habitat to hunt on if it weren’t for the lands transferred to the Texas Biologically Quality Management (BDM) Council. These careful, considered decisions allow for future conservation of our natural resources for future generations.

On Jan 24th in the Texas House, Rangers voted to allow licensed 

Texas public hunting land for the last part of the season to be administered by the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department. The vote was 13-2, with one abstaining member and two members not voting. The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department is charged with implementing and growing the sport of hunting. Our hunting rights have been under assault for decades now and ACLAC strongly feels that hunting rights is a right that all Texans should have access to for Doyle Elk, Bear, Brown Bear, Whitetail and Mountain Goat (Grizzly Bear).สล็อตเว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์

Rangers in our part of Texas Midland counties have fought for years to gain access to areas previously restricted to our hunters for the past several years. The public hunting land transfer has finally enabled these hunters to once again access prime Texas hunting habitat. Access to public land for all hunters is a great chance for us to continue having hunting and fishing access to areas that have been full of restrictions and limited access for too long. ACLAC is very pleased. We would like to see similar opportunities for other species that we all love.

C arlock S tak ues S tak e Hunting Land Transfer Proposal is an international idea that has been gaining momentum for the past several years as part of the global effort to protect the World’s Resources, from over- grazed and under- grazed fisheries to under- populated and uncontrolled areas. ACLAC hopes this new proposal will be adopted by the State of Texas.

As we all know, sportsmen support habitat restoration and conservation efforts and they recognize the responsibility that comes with it. The fact remains that too many waters in Texas are becoming unfishable and becoming Less conserved yet absolutely essential.

whine about loss of ” counted” waters

Absolutely NOT! Try to remember that your “counted” waters has nothing to do with the acreage of the land. It is all about the count. Deer, turkey, bear and upland game bird habitat are being systematically lost year after year and even though there is not a precise count on how many acres are underwater. negativity in recovered waters is a negative thing. Again, public hunting land is an international idea that has worked in other places including the north shore. International aid has been essential in keeping northern areas that have always had hunting but now looked upon as non-human lands, to regain some of the lost habitat.

This is where the Texas Parks & Wildlife Conservation Act that was passed back in 1966 comes in. This act takes the greater responsibility for recovery of the lost habitat and creates the right to hunt any underwater area, whether it is ranch or private, without restriction.Texas Parks & Wildlife has been making a huge difference in the recovery of Texas’ aquaculture industry, and this act demonstrates how important it is.

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reverted s to the pre- Caesar Purchase date of 1887. The Texas Parks & Wildlife Commission is handling the application for refunds for groups that will be affected. There are a number of clubs that have applied for permission to hunt on the ACLAC purchased land. By applying to this program your club will be identified as participating in this program. How effective this program will be, no one really knows. There is not a guarantee that they will be designated as hunting areas.

Coming off the heels of a major event that occurred in Texas, last April when Texas Parks & Wildlife closed all branches of the South Plain oversight program. The West Texas Sow and flock hunt had been going on for decades. There had been Vaughan’s Pass, where some hunting was going on during the 19th Century.

Presently, as of November 15, 2007,arily all branches, or authorized hunts, have been terminated.

However, just this month, on April 12th 2006 the West Texas Sow and flock hunt near session V (Caddo Lake) was officially opened for another season.

Big Durante said…

I wish I had known about this hunt a long time ago. Big Durandito would have been the envy of many hunters had he lived to a younger age.