How to Find New Fretboard Positions For Your Guitar Scales

It can be frustrating when you only know one or two positions for a scale. Maybe you don’t feel like you’re making the maximum effort by learning new positions, but I think you’re missing a trick.


How to find new positions for your scales:Fretboard Fretboard Fretboard Fretboard Fretboard Fretboard 


Unsworth Brothers Method


The reason behind my method for teaching guitar players to find new positions for their scales is this:


1) You will be more able to customize your own unique way of playing scales.


2) You will understand your guitar neck better. You will understand how your notes and scales fit together. This is extremely helpful when entering music into your songwriting toolbox.


3) You will understand your choice sound. If you don’t know why you choose to play a specific scale or mode, you will never accept it. Confused?


4) You can break large pieces of music up into very small pieces. This greatly speeds up your learning process because you can take small pieces of music and work them into larger pieces and then eventually synthesize those into new music.


Your choice of which scales to learn and what positions to learn should be based on your style of playing the guitar. What type of solo poses are you playing? What are your favorite licks and riffs? What kind of songs do you want to play? In what style of music do you see yourself progressing in the future? When you understand what you want to play, it will make it easier to select appropriate scales for your playing.


Budge On The Map


Don’t confine yourself to the common scale forms. There are hundreds of unique scale forms that you can learn and play. When you’re exploring the world of music, try to find new sounds and ways to play your scales in unique and interesting ways. For example, play your minor pentatonic scale over a Major 7th chord progression. Hear how the minor pentatonic scale helps to transition into the Major 7th chord progression. Of course this is just one way of playing a solo, but you get the idea.


How To Use This Information


Begin by playing the notes of the C major scale over the chords of the same name. Use this as a way to get familiar with the notes and fingering positions.Fretboard Fretboard Fretboard Fretboard Fretboard 

Play the notes of the C major scale over the C Major Chord


The C Major Scale: C – D – E – F – G – A – B – C


Song Selections:


1. All My Loving – The Beatles


2. Amazing Grace -Books of Christmas


3. Layla – Elton John


4. Goodnight – Eric Clapton


5. Tears In Heaven – Bob Dylan


6. Wish You Were Here – Pink Floyd


7. James Campish – Credence Clearwater Revival


8. Sweet Home Alabama – Lynyrd Skynyrd


9. Red River – Ironfoot


10. Be Still Please – Nashville


11. Bridge Over Troubled Water – Simon and Garfunkel


12. Whatcha Gonna Do – Guns and Roses


13. Bad Moon Rising – Kansas


14. horse With No Name – America


15. ABC Yellow – Paul Carthy


16. I Walk The Line – Johnny Cash


17.chartres of France – Cyndi Lauper


18. Hello It’s Me – Lena Horne


19. Get Back – The Pointer Sisters


20. Bye Bye Blackbird – The Wallflowers


And that’s the entire guitar scale for the blues. Remember that the sixteenth note is two frets and the next octave is two frets. This is the same for the major scale. Here is the major blues scale:


Begin O.D. = 1st / 2nd / 3rd / 4th / 5th / 6th / 7th / 8th / 9th


A.L. = 6th / arco = 7th / 9th / 11th / coma = 13th


The 12-bar blues progression:   สล็อตเว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์


G /// | G /// | G /// | G /// |C /// | C /// | G /// | G /// ||


Does it seem like you need more and more guitar scales to learn blues guitar? Actually it’s not true. The blues can be as simple as learning one scale in the picking and fretting hand and using that hand to play the other six necessary notes.


The 12-bar blues progression shown above can be played in any key, but to correctly play it in the key of “C” it’s suggestioned that you first learn the C major Blues scale.


Cool blues guitar tricks!


learn to play the C major blues scale and you can play many unusual sounding lead licks to impress your audience;

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