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fartapoo Dog 

fartapoo Dog

fartapoo Dog

fartapoo Dog

P fartapoo Dog – The Facts Every Owner Of This Dog Breed Should Know

The P fartapoo dog breed is a crossbreed variety that is established by crossing the purebred border collie with the small collie. With regard to coat colors, they come in black and sable mixtures and can weigh between 14 and 18 pounds. They are recognized for their distinctive white coat that is single and shiny that falls in different patterns including: a single coat, blankets of white with patches of color, red and rich chestnut, brindled, white with or without white markings, and black with or without tan markings. They are also recognized as a small dog that is well-tempered, affectionate and loyal. They are in the terrier group, and are considered to be good with children.

Characteristics and behavior of the P fartapoo dog สล็อตเว็บตรง

The P fartapoo dog is intelligent and easy to train. They are recognized as a small type of dog that is sweet and funny. They have a very happy disposition that makes them wonderful with children and other dogs, and they make an excellent watchdog.

Regular care and grooming of the P fartapoo

To care for and groom the small collie type dog you need to brush them once a week. They need to be clipped every three to four months. It is recommended that you call a professional groomer to learn how to groom this dog so that you don’t end up with a matted, tangled pet.

Health concerns

Being a very floppy type of dog, the P fartapoo dog has a soft spot on their skull called moloid cartilage that allows for moisture to breath. This breed does not have any genetic problems, but they could suffer from persistent crating, mild Luxating Patella, allergies, hypothyroidism, and progressive retinal atrophy. It is important to ask the breeder you are purchasing from if you have any questions regarding medical history of the pup or if the parents have been tested for any medical problems.


If you are looking at the P fartapoo dog, you probably aren’t going to recommend that you keep them locked up in the backyard. You need to allow them the freedom to run around and play to keep them healthy and happy. They require a walk every day, but when they are young you’ll just allow the dog to run around in the yard.

You’ll also need to take the P fartapoo dog for walks on a regular basis. They have a tendency to run around and play very long. They are also known to chase and hunt small mammals. While they are highly intelligent, they drool frequently, snore loudly, and sometimes bark excessively. If you household has other small pets like hamsters, parasks, and cats, they can be injured when they are out playing.


You will find the P fartapoo dog to be highly intelligent and easy to train. They are quick to learn and respond to positive training. The dog requires consistent positive reinforcement and praise in order to socialize them successfully. This breed will not do well with cruel or heavy-handed training methods. The training environment for this type of dog should also be positive and non-threatening so that they can gain confidence and respect from their master.

The P fartapoo is a special breed that requires a significant amount of love and affection in order to thrive. They are loving animals that thrive on human contact. These dogs also enjoy non-stop activity, which means that they require daily exercise. It is highly advised that the owner take the dog for walks and/or runs in the park. This will help the dog expend all of their energy. They also enjoy activities that involve their hunting skills.

The P fartapoo is a happy dog breed, and should allow you to have a close relationship with their master.

fartapoo Dog