Exotic Vacation Spots

Exotic Vacation Spots

Exotic Vacation Spots

Exotic Vacation Spots

10 Exotic Vacation Spots

Many people dream of going on an exotic vacation. Gorgeous beaches and lush vegetation surrounding you as you relax with friends on the shore might be the thing on your mind. Below are some of the exotic destinations that you can visit for your beach holidays.

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Hawaii, island visitors have many options when it comes to vacations. Boracay Island, Candabond Island and Red Beach are some of the popular tourist spots in Boracay Island. You can also experience a jungle safari at the Samui National Park. You can go for the scenic journey at the Koh Phangan. There are many waterfalls where you can relax and swim. You can also go for the white sandy beaches, paradise tree-covered hills, crystal clear waters of the East Winds Beach Park, and secluded coves.


The sunny South Carolina has many options for visitors who want to experience an exotic vacation. Myrtle Beach is a must see during the summer months. You can experience an exhilarating roller coaster ride or ride the largest Diego sleeper train in the world. Visit the widely known Stone Mountain Park, Try some sweet fried chicken or roll up a picnic in one of the many park or choose the thrilling waterslides, threes and circles, Try the exciting body surfing and body boarding, etc. Exotic Vacation Spots Exotic Vacation Spots Exotic Vacation Spots Exotic Vacation Spots Exotic Vacation Spots


Bonded Tours


There are many agencies that offer guided Bonded Tours to the Bahamas. The travel coaches take a large group of visitors to the Bahamas and one can go on many tours at a time.


Grand Bahamas Vacation is one of the popularGrand Bahamas Vacationphiles. The island is known to be home to many hotels and condos, exquisite eateries and many attractive beaches. Some of the places of interest are Crystal Caves, Home Wavers, DressAffair, Alley Katoeyans, Harvard University, Montclair Art Museum, Roger Williams Park, St. Francis Xavierzacke Cathedral, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, blinking Buddha, Kennedy Space Center, Paradise Island, Bimini (includes a packing plant for the travelers), and Paradise Island.


atories on the island make available many programs. Some of the more popular include a guided wildlife tour in the morning and a natural scenic airplane flightin the afternoon.


Another great place to head to is Nassau. This resort island is known for its beauty and nice weather. You can choose to have food on the island or dine out.


Long Island is another place that is always included in the vacation packages. The place offers wonderful scenery, hotels and wonderful beaches.


If you are one of those people who like to explore the unknown, then you should visit West Palm Beach. The place is well known with a nightlife.


3. Enjoy a Relaxing Holiday in Australia, One of the most exotic and beautiful areas in the world. Many visitors come here from different destinations to relax and enjoy the place.


In Australia, there are stunning beaches and a tropical rainforest. There are many attractions that you can see and do. You can choose to have food when you are here or have a wide array of activities. You can always read a book or catch up on your reading. The places to see are Bondi Beach, Sunbury, Palm Beach, and of course, Sydney.


Because of all the wonderful things that you can do, it is best to havetravel insurancedone when you are in Australia. Travel insurance is especially important when you are holidaying as you cannot afford to be separated from your family and friends.


enjoy your holiday!

Exotic Vacation Spots