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How to Choose a Camping Mattress

Do you love camping? If you are a camping enthusiast, for sure you’ll enjoy reading this article. In it, we’ll discuss what to look for in a camping mattress. Depending on your own camping circumstances, it will really matter how you choose a camping mattress that’s right for you.


Backpackers and hikers are always looking for a lighter weight alternative to the high-quality multi-pound single types found in the States. Or perhaps you prefer a mattress that’ll do for car campers as well. If you are juggling between these options, a small, single mattress can be a great choice for car camping.


Here are some easy tips to selecting a camping mattress that’s right for you:


It’s easier to shop online these days, so just shop where you normally shop. A lot of camping companies have a section on their website or a section on their Facebook page where you can clearly post or ask questions about their products.


Look for firmness recommendations. If you’re having trouble getting your air mattress to lay properly, it’s probably because you’ve chosen the wrong size. There’s no sense choosing a camping mattress that’s too small and regretting your purchase later.


Choose a mattress that uses the same materials. Many air mattresses use a combination of latex and polyurethane foam to create the effective bed. Pre-liedresses can work well, but remember that these products are prone to puncture. A good rule of thumb when choosing a mattress is to check for the durability of the fabric used. Ultralight or ultralight backpacking air mattresses are usually made with a small number of small coils to increase their stability. If you’re going to be ultralight camping, pay special attention to the fabric’s thickness. It should be sufficient enough to contain your weight without causing any extra weight through excess fabric.


For each person who will sleep on the air mattress, there is a different size used. A single, dual and queen size air mattress will be suitable for most campers. The standard size for a single person is usually a single sized mattress. Couples usually choose a twin sized mattress. If you have a larger number of people in your camping group, consider the king or queen size that will accommodate your group.


Your camping mattress choices may also include the option to use air pumps to inflate the mattress. If you are not comfortable or able to buy an air pump, choose a pump that can be manually inflated. Look for specifications such as “portable”, “single chamber”, ” Futon frame”, and “16 gauge”.

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When you purchase an air mattress, consider the amount of comfort it will provide. In other words, do you prefer the firmness of a memory foam pad or the lightweight, flexible feeling of a foam pad?


Some people prefer the memory foam pad because it looks more like a real bed than the traditional mattress.


The air mattress and the foam pad are not suitable options when you are in the deep woods, and most probably when you are camping with your friends, family or kids. These mattresses and pads are usually small in size, and hence cannot provide enough comfort and support for the person using it.


Be practical while buying an air mattress. Make a list of pros and cons, and weigh them against each other. Make sure that you not only restrict yourself to the expectations of other campers but also restrict yourself to the comfort that you and your family and friends are actually looking for. You might be able to find a mattress that offers more than your expectations, but the fact is that nature is not always so kind. Before buying an air mattress, be sure to explore your camping options.

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