Myths and Facts About Anti-Aging

You’ve heard a lot of myths about anti-aging. Some of them are downright funny. However, some actually make good targets for reduction or freezing your age. If you know some of the facts about aging you can make better decisions about anti-aging for yourself.


exaggerations and lies in advertising and popular magazines are one of the main reasons that people doubtful about the safety of anti-aging procedures or skincare products. You can find some of these misconceptions being spread around to make your search for the truth more difficult. They might actually damage your skin and confidence. So, let’sdiscuss some of the common myths about anti-aging.


Excessive Exposure to Sun


I guess, everybody expected that the bright and beautiful golden sun would always be there to shower us with his/her rays. After all, the human eye cannot differentiate between the color of sunshine and a person’s age. But, surprise, surprise! The human eye is blind! It has no such thing as too much sunshine. So, any more sunlight will damage your skin more and more.


How to solve this problem? Simple: cover your skin with some sunscreen before stepping out of the house. locale duplex, which functions as a sunscreen, is a good option.Covering your skin with sunscreen not only takes care of the immediate sun damage, but also saves your skin from future skin damage.


Minimize, resourceful and creativity are the basic activities to accomplish this task. Avoid putting so much effort on the makeup. Such makeup will make you look older and unattractive.


Eat Healthy


You’re not young, but your skin should be healthy. To make it healthy, eat the proper food and drink plenty of water. Remember, our skin needs vitamins, minerals and other vital substances to stay healthy. Drinking water regularly will keep your skin hydrated and your hair shiny.


Have a, strong and positive attitude. If you have a happy and contented heart, you’re likely to have a healthy body as well. Don’t think about how happy you are inside. It’s outside that counts.


Care for your skin properly. Find the best ways possible to protect your skin and keep it healthy. And, eat healthy.


These are just a few reasons, some well known, for a proper skin care. When you follow all the tips here, I’m sure you’ll soon see for yourself how easy it is to have beautiful skin.



proud of your age


How old are you? I’m guessing you’re somewhere between 30 and 40. Do you feel like old? Or do you feel young? Chances are, if you feel young, others will think so too.




Most of your illness is preventable


We could never say for a fact that aging is not contagious. But, we can say that healthy lifestyle affects the way other people look at you. For example, I have known many people, especially women, who got really fat during the last pregnancy. And, they were never able to stay with a nice shape during pregnancy, because they couldn’t carry their 2nd and 4th child full-term.


So, be beautiful inside


It’s not a bad idea to run a wrap party or have a facial for your birthday. But, always remember that you don’t need to spend a lot of money. You can do it with simple ingredients such as apple slices, cucumbers, honey and spinach. As a matter of fact, these methods are cheap and very, very effective!