Alba White Truffles

Alba White Truffles

Alba White Truffles

Alba White Truffles

Alba White Truffles – What You Need to Know About These Expensive Fungi

Truffles are an extremely medieval food. While they have not been around forever, it still can be quite a shock when you find a truffle visiting your table. The earliest evidence of its existence was found in the walls of the Byzantine galley in 1552. Those were the days when delicacies were considered a standard by which quality and formality were both considered equally important. Over time, the development of more and more ingredients for gourmet cooking developed, leading to the popularity of truffles. Different types of truffle can be considered a “lier”, the “richer”, and ” tastier”. Alba White TrufflesAlba White TrufflesAlba White Truffles


There are to be three basic criteria for determining if something is a truffle. They must be hard enough to be felt in the hand, there must be a distinct aroma or if they crumble and break in your hand they are no longer considered truffles. Other items considered outside of Italy such as conical mushrooms or puffballs also are not considered truffles. These items are either cooked or eaten as part of an appetizer, and are considered a dessert.


Cinnamon is considered a truffle by many people. The oil of the bark is highly prized for its culinary value. The rind is actually used as a type of licorice or in traditional medicine. Raw onions and white wine are also added to create a classic combination of truffle and white wine- Something once cooked with wine is considered a true truffle treat. The truffle in the sauce or as a topping would be considered a delicacy.


Chocolate truffles have also been a desire for many which claim the aroma is inedible. They are actually a mushroom like growth found in the tropical regions of the world. This fruity growth actually resembles the truffle but is actually more of a honey mushroom. Truffles have been found in everything from ceramics to cereal. The early Greeks and Romans were huge aficionados of the Truffle when it was still a relatively unknown edible fungus.


The truffle has been a perfect example of evolution in food. Just as the chicken found in the middle of the desert is a new thought, the truffle is a perfect example of what could have been. The humble truffle is now one of the most interesting and most valued gourmet ingredients.


The current season of October- November brings back so many associations with truffles that we thought we’d share with you a little bit more about this “guilty pleasure”. Along with thoughts on who may or may not get a truffle, a little bit more about these fascinating mushrooms.


First, it’s important to understand that Truffles, like other mushrooms, have not been around for millions of years. They’ve only been around for 3,000 years. The reason for that relative young age is, the intense and unique chemical reaction that truffle produces when cooking with substances that contain acid (such as crab and lobster) is what gives these beautiful and delicious fungi their unique characteristic flavour.


The truffle is considered an edible fungi and is grown in a controlled growing zone that has been moist yet not too well-drained. They prefer a moderately rich compost like most other mushrooms.


The truffle is considered to be safe for personal use and has been given to patients in need of organic food. In fact, there are many websites dedicated to the medicinal benefits of truffles. Their reputation as a healing resource is so well-earned that professional institutions will actually take them as a medicine source.


Here’s a simple guide to cultivate your own truffle.


The truffle is cultivated on a vine-like stem running from the base of a tomato- like upright stalk. It is safe to use both white and blackagers while growing truffles. Our Experience cultivating black CommercialSuperfungi


The white truffle is extremely rare, so extremely prized that it is known as the “King of Fungi”. Growing white truffles is said to be even harder than cultivating black ones. White truffles mature in a matter of days rather than weeks.


To get a white truffle, you need to expose it to heat. It has to be placed in a wooden box and placed in a room with a high temperature.


The truffle is growing on a strong vine, so try to avoid crushing the vine when picking it. However, the beauty of growing truffles on a vine is that they are easy to identify even while being grown. When you know where to find a truffle, you can rest assured that you are growing a delicacy that is equally as delicious and Century old.


The last and final variety of truffles is the Black Perigny. This is the most affordable of the truffles.

Alba White Truffles